Sweat the Small Stuff

A lot of people ask me how I’m able to maintain my endless enthusiasm for business. Well, I’ll tell you my secret?…. I sweat the small stuff.

No, I don’t panic when problems crop up or become enraged when things don’t go as planned. I focus on the minor details that can make or break a company. The big picture is good, but it’s the brushstrokes that build the overall image. Similarly, adherence to our business strategy lies in ensuring the supporting tactics are in place.

Look at your company from every angle – is every procedure, employee and product in line with your strategy? Believe me, one rouge component can break down the entire process. An overly tedious procedure, surly employee or inferior piece of equipment can also hinder the ability of other departments to perform. As a result, what was once a seemingly minor glitch has escalated into a real hinderance, affecting your product, service, or worse, the relationship with your customer.

Some details to consider:

Your Team: Hire people who share your passion. Once you have your dream team, pay attention to them. Are they getting the tool they need to succeed? What opportunities can you provide your superstars that supports both their and your company’s growth?

Products: Don’t be afraid to invest! How can you create an excellent product or service from sub-par equipment? The long-term benefits far exceed the short-term savings. Your challenge lies in using these excellent resources efficiently.

Processes – Look at the operations of every department. More importantly, look at the communication amongst them – how are they interacting?  Each department can do a superior job within their respective function, giving you a lot of great parts to work with. However, they’re no use to your customer if they’re not assembled into a desirable product.

Promote – So now you have a great product, but how are you going to make money if no one knows about it? Whatever your marketing plan, make sure it relays your strategy. The same goes for networking. Connect with the right people, ask the right questions and get involved. Here is where the Chamber comes in!
Indeed, the details are tedious, but if you take the time to study and addresses them, it will be well worth it. Don’t believe me? The proof can be found in any of Monet’s great Impressionism works. Those tiny dots on their own are mere dabs of color, but given enough thought and attention, they meld together to form a beautiful, tangible vision.

At your service,

Jason Leob

Chairman, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.

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