Special Recognition: Michael Goldberg

Today, I’d like to recognize someone extraordinary within the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce family. Michael Goldberg and I met more than 14 years ago, coincidentally through the Chamber. Back then, he proved he was a polished leader, and yet he’s managed to grow even more since.

Michael embodies commitment. This quality has served him well professionally, as he is now a Senior Vice President with Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust. He extends this commitment to the community as well, especially with the Miami Beach Chamber. His job at Gibraltar keeps him busy as it is, but Michael has always remained an active and contributing member. This year, he took on the added responsibility as Chair of the Pillars Trustee Board. He takes this new role seriously, working diligently to ensure all representatives of each business are offered the maximum value with their membership. A genuine listener, Michael seeks out his own and surrounding success. With our Chamber’s strong base, it can be easy to fall stagnant and simply ride the coattails of our ongoing programs. Michael; however, is not content with simply continuing on with these established initiatives, but enhancing, expanding and initiating new ones based upon our business community’s ever-changing needs. He leads with his heart, he’s engaged, and most importantly, he still rolls up his sleeves to ensure that the job gets done and that it gets done well.

We all have something to learn from Michael. He exemplifies the power of membership and our organization is fortunate to have such a figure leading within. Whether meeting him for the first time or connecting with him as a long-time contact, I assure that you will be inspired.

Michael, as your colleague and friend, thank you.

At your service,

Jason Loeb, Sudsies

Chairman, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.

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