New Year, New Commitments

According to social researchers, we are in the midst of Gloomsday. The exact date varies from today, January 17th, or the 21st, with either of these Mondays predicted to be the saddest days of the year. The holiday cheer has worn away as workplace stresses resume, bills deflate our wallets and uncanny winter weather nips at our spirits (albeit, we South Floridians have a reprieve from the latter). It is also by now that the resolutions we so enthusiastically proclaimed on New Year’s Eve are now broken: “Next year for sure,” we bargain with ourselves.

I plan on combating these January blues. My secret weapon? Commitment. I can’t make the holidays return any sooner, squash the bills nor hold off the cold fronts, but I can commit to making 2011 the best year possible. I plan on being one of the 20% who actually fulfill their resolutions. And I invite you to join me!

This year, the Miami Beach Chamber is resolved to look after your best interest. We’re committed to building you and building your business. You can look forward to several exciting initiatives and networking opportunities to capture new contacts, as well as our unrelenting support of your endeavors. As you create your goals, keep the following things in mind:

*    Be Specific – What’s challenging, yet realistic? Most importantly, is it measurable?

*    Take Control – Goals aren’t going to fulfill themselves. It’s up to you to put in the necessary energy and attitude.

*    Garner Support – Find influential figures with whom to share your challenges and successes. In return, be a support system for others.

Help reinforce your commitment by staying involved with the Chamber. It’s not easy, but consider the organization your champion, backing you each step of the way with opportunities to make a difference. No more putting off our aspirations until next year: this is the year to make our resolutions happen. And be sure to share your good news with us…Hey, suddenly today doesn’t seem so glum after all.

At your service,
Jason Loeb
Chairman, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.

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