New Pillar with a promising new vision

I couldn’t be happier with the leadership team we currently have in place here at the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. So I’m continuing my theme of recognizing the outstanding people who have served this organization so incredibly as members and now as great leaders. Incoming Pillar Chair David Sacks is one of those individuals.

There couldn’t be a better fit than David to install programs of both greater breadth and depth to this top membership tier. In speaking with him, he’s passionate in continuing to bring in the best speakers in the best venues, and setting the best environment conducive to forging relationships that result in mutual transactions and growth. He’s also committed to providing added value.

Much can be learned from the Pillars membership as well. Comprised of owners and executives, fellow Pillars have the opportunity to capture seasoned advice from Miami Beach’s established leaders, as well as fresh perspective from its promising up-and-comers. Combined, this group is our most active and committed in challenging the Chamber to deliver upon its mission. Ultimately, business is social, so why not associate with the best and the brightest this City has to offer? Pillars gives you the exposure and initiatives needed to make this happen.

A great group of people requires an even more extraordinary leader. David is that person. I’m confident his personal success and Chamber tenure will enable him to lead in a way that retains our existing members, brings in new professionals and enhances the Pillars experience in a way that expands the revenue stream of Miami Beach and our respective businesses. Expect many exciting happenings come from David within the coming months. In the meantime, his vision is keep the Chamber booming, and make it the best chamber of commerce in Florida, if not the nation. Now that’s thinking big.

At your service,

Jason Loeb, Sudsies

Chairman, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce


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