Kick Butt in Business

Hey, I never condone violence, but there is something to be said about the term metaphorically.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, one needs to be bigger and better. That doesn’t mean you puff your chest out or one-up everyone in conversation… there are quieter ways to show your value.

It’s actually quite simple. If there are two business people with everything else equal,  it’s time and passion that are going to separate the good from the great. Knowledge can be learned, skills can be practiced, foresight comes from experience (sounds counterintuitive, I know). But how is anyone going to acquire the latter three without putting in the time? Furthermore, how can anyone maximize their time without passion? On the flip side, when you have passion for your job, it doesn’t feel like work, therefore you are willing to put in the extra time because it’s actually enjoyable.

When I set out to create a business, dry cleaning was not top of mind… dealing with people was. I wanted to build a career, and a life (hey, work becomes life after awhile), where I could come in everyday and connect with customers and employees. Dry cleaning just happened to be that avenue. Back then, the industry wasn’t known for people-centric demeanor – we can just look at old Seinfeld episodes or comic strips to remind us of that – which is why I saw the opportunity in it. I knew I could offer something different.

More than 25 years later, I hope that when Sudsies and Rugsies come to mind, it’s not clean garments and rugs, but our smiling, caring team…we just happen to be great at cleaning your stuff too. I aim to be the best in the business, not just the dry cleaning business, but any small business, and am willing to put in the time and passion to make that happen.

Kicking butt is more warm and fuzzy than you originally thought, huh?

If you ever have any dry-cleaning questions or have any garments that need special attention or restoration, please do not hesitate to contact me.

At your service,

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