It Gets Better

The key to continued improvement.

Ever feel like you’ve plateaued? Anyone whose taken on an exercise regimen most certainly has experienced that frustration at one point or another. It’s inevitable in almost anything we do, and business is no exception. The more we do something, the more adept we become. Sounds great, but here’s the rub: that adeptness leads to increased ease in which we perform that task. And when something is easy, it’s difficult to push ourselves back out to the challenge course.

Then there are those who thrive on the unchartered. These business base jumpers attempt to cover as much ground as they can, though their footprint at each point may be brief and light. There are merits to both, but neither in pure form works in developing a first-rate, sustainable business. So, this fine line needs to be balanced with consistency.

Over the years, I’ve been presented with numerous opportunities. As tempting as each may be, I usually decline. Until I’ve mastered one aspect, I don’t move onto the next. The Sudsies fleet wasn’t sent out overnight… in fact, it was technically five years from the date I opened my first dry cleaning location that I implemented the complementary pick up and deliver service. Why? Because no matter how convenient the service might be, our customers ultimately want their clothes to come back to them pristine and in a timely manner. We had to master our craft in garment care before extending our offerings with added convenience.

With our cleaning knowledge, customer service, and operational logistics down, Rugsies then came to fruition several years later. It wasn’t because I didn’t think about or desire to expand my businesses – it was a calculated decision. In fact, these “rest” periods were actually quite active, as we strived to improve our existing services so that we could effectively pursue and implement the “what’s next.”

Growing your business is a marathon, not a sprint. The training formula: consistency, persistence, and passion. It’s great to think outside the box, but sharpen your saw before sinking your teeth into a new avenue.

I’m proud of all the services Sudsies and Rugsies now has to offer, and I’m excited to announce yet another future venture with you soon. When the right opportunity presents itself, take them, but never forget your core business. More so, keep it a continued focus because that is what attracted your clients to you in the first place and anchored their loyalty. They expect you to continue doing it well, if not better, no matter how many additional services and perks there may be.

In our case, that’s helping you look and feel good via clean clothes and a caring smile.

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