Southern Hospitality: Miami Beach

The Forbes and Bloomberg Businessweek lists are great sources, but for me, some of the greatest business inspirations come from our very own backyard. This was recently evident during the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce’s Champions of Business Award luncheon. Here at the Chamber, we’re all about hard work, but also the recognition of the accomplishments reaped from that hard work. This year’s awardees included:

* Aletha Player, of FPL, who received the annual James McDonnell Outstanding Board of Governor Award
* Warren Zinn, Owner of Warren Henry Auto Group, who received Aaron B. Perry Innovation in Business Award
* The Shockett Family, who accepted the Past Chair Award in recognition of William “Billy” Shockett, Past Chairman of the Chamber Board from ’82-’83.

Furthermore, the Chamber introduced the first annual 2012 Warren Henry Small Business of the Year Award in honor of a business owner who has grown his/her company over the years, while maintaining an ever-important strong presence in giving back to the community. Carefully selected by our Chairman’s Circle, this year’s winner was Brian Scheinblum, the Co-founder and President of Cambean Hospitality. As owner of the Carlton, Clifton, Majestic, and Lords South Beach at Nash hotels, Brian’s work through Cambean is so important in helping to maintain the glamour and attraction of our Art Deco District for tourists and Miamians alike.

In true Chamber fashion, the sold-out event demonstrated our utmost support for these exceptional individuals. In addition, Past Chairmen Aaron B. Perry, Michael Milberg, Gerald Schwartz, Ira Giller, Anthony ”Tony” Noboa, Bart S. Golberg, Leon A. Manne, and Lucia Dougherty, along with Past President and CEO of the Chamber, Bruce Singer, were all in attendance to further champion the organization they helped build.

It is a privilege to have such strong leaders not only within our community, but within the Chamber family. We have much to learn from them and I pledge Chamber support to help them – and you – further expand their/your businesses within Miami and beyond. Congratulations and well-deserved!

At your service,

Jason Loeb, Sudsies

Chairman, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce


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