Networking for the New Year

2011 was a momentous year for the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. We successfully installed many new initiatives and experienced incredible growth in both membership and monies raised to support our visions. However, as fun as it is to reflect on past accomplishments, the New Year is about looking ahead. Now is the perfect time to craft your personal and professional plans that will take you and your business to an even greater level.

Once everything is in place internally, it’s time to start letting people know about your business externally. The power of connections are amazing – I attribute nearly all my new clients to relationship building. While many people understand theimportance of networking, a majority don’t do it very well, equating it to event attendance and handing out business cards to as many people as possible. While reach is certainly important, I can’t stress enough that success is in the quality of these relationship. First, look at your network and determine if you are getting anything out of it. If not, you need to determine whether it is the network itself or if it’s a matter of you and your own involvement. Sometimes the relationship simply isn’t a fit – and that’s ok, just gently sever your ties and find an organization that you can identify with. If it’s the latter, remember that any good relationship is reciprocal. It’s about instilling goodwill on behalf of your clients and enjoying the benefits of their goodwill in return. People like doing business with others that they like and trust. But you can’t find and determine who these valuable contacts are by simply handing out your business card with a one-liner about what you do. Active involvement with an organization allows you to really get to know the people within. Getting involved is easy – find an aspect that engages you. The Miami Beach Chamber has 13 councils covering a range of business sectors and niches from tourism, to global business, to emerging leadership, to arts & culture and beyond. Every one of these sub-committees presents a perfect opportunity to not only connect with fellow members, but develop a relationship and a better understanding of their respective strengths and goals, thereby putting you in a stronger position to effectively help one another. This is the spirit of our Chamber.

On behalf of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, we wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2012. I believe; however, that each of these joys are magnified with a strong support system and I look forward to working together.

At your service,

At your service,

Jason Loeb, Sudsies

Chairman, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.

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