Live, Love, and Laugh

Recently, I lost a good friend of mine.  Sean Peart was just 44 years old and leaves behind a loving wife and wonderful family.  As I reflect on the good times and many laughs we shared since our high school days, I realize that he has also taught me so much.  He had the courage to fight and to live the life.  While his future prognosis was scary, he focused on what he could better accomplish today, nurturing his relationships and taking nothing for granted. His attitude made him an inspiration to his friends, family and even those who didn’t know him well.

Imagine if we translated this philosophy to our business. Business is scary, with time, money and a lot of harsh realities involved.  Growing our companies seems like a daunting task, but it is the courage to take risks that rewards with big payoffs.  Otherwise, we’ll continue on paralyzed – and we may do OK, but never to the level of greatness we really desire.

We can muster this needed courage by developing a plan.  While it’s important to look towards the future, focus on how today can get you there. Perfect each component of your business before moving onto the next. Unfortunately, there will be bad days, but instead of getting discouraged, remember that each day gives you a whole 24 hours to turn it around.

Like my friend, don’t take anything for granted. Celebrate even the small victories to maintain a positive mindset as you continue to simultaneously chip away at capturing the big break.  Most importantly, value your staff, supporters, partners, even new contacts and their contributions to your success.  Solid businesses aren’t built on transactions, but relationships.

Sean was taken much too soon. Yet in his short life, he managed to create an everlasting legacy. In loving memory of him, I urge you to live as he did: love, laugh, fight and simply enjoy the moments.

At your service,
Jason Loeb
Chairman, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.

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