A Woman of many ventures.

For many years, the Women’s Business Council (WBC) has built upon the foundation of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce while developing prime and valuable opportunities for both the budding and established women leaders of our community. At the center of this dynamic group is DeAnne Connolly Graham, Director of Sales & Marketing for Welcome & Bienvenidos Magazine. DeAnne has been a long-time member of the WBC, and this year, her leadership as Chairwoman has yielded unprecedented results. In fact, the current council is projected to be one of the strongest, most engaging and productive yet. With DeAnne’s welcoming personality, exuberant energy and vision, it comes as no surprise that since becoming Chair, attendance at the council meetings are at an all-time high and members have also become more interactive than ever before. Within its four sub-committees: “Wine, Cheese & Expertise,” “Lunch With A View,” “Team Building,” and “Educational Workshop,” DeAnne and her fellow members have been working non-stop planning for upcoming activities and events. DeAnne has implemented additional activities aimed at enhancing quality-of-life, as well as encouraging economic growth and has presented multiple networking opportunities for Council members.

It is through these activities that our female membership is able to connect, become empowered and make an impact as strong businesswomen.

DeAnne, your hard work and dedication deserve to be recognized. You exemplify the passion and commitment we value here so much at the Chamber and we are so fortunate to have your incredible efforts on our behalf. Thank you!

At your service,

Jason Loeb, Sudsies

Chairman, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.

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