Statistics Show

In these hard economic times, I have heard many questions as to the value of joining a Chamber of Commerce.  It is a good thoughtful question that each business owner should ask before making any investment.  Membership is an investment after all.   Overall, has membership been a direct impact on the bottom line?  I […]


No matter the square footage of our homes, there’s always one room that never seems to be big enough…the closet. Fashionista or not, we’ve all faced closet battles, dodging falling hangers, scouring for a shoe’s mate and balancing towering sweater stacks before quickly squeezing the doors closed. For those with closets threatening to explode, I […]

Live, Love, and Laugh

Recently, I lost a good friend of mine.  Sean Peart was just 44 years old and leaves behind a loving wife and wonderful family.  As I reflect on the good times and many laughs we shared since our high school days, I realize that he has also taught me so much.  He had the courage […]